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when last I sang the blues

it gives a lovely light!

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adult swim, anime, avatar the last airbender, bagels, bermuda, big black dogs, bleach, books, brass, california, chamber of secrets, chase, chelsea, cherry blossoms, christian bale, christmas, coca-cola, code geass, come on eileen, death note, deathly hallows, disney, disney world, disneyland, dragonball z, dwight schrute, everybody-wants-to-rule-the-world, family guy, fanfiction, french horn, fries, fullmetal alchemist, garth marenghi's darkplace, gary oldman, goblet of fire, greenwich village, half-blood prince, hamlet, harry potter, hiei, hook, house, i love lucy, icons, imdb, internet, j. k. rowling, john williams, jurassic park, kurama/hiei, legend of zelda, lie low at lupin's, lighting of malverne, little shop of horrors, livejournal, long island, loony loopy lupin, manga, moony, moony/padfoot, music videos, mwpp, neil gaiman, new york city, nostalgia, ocarina of time, old school nickelodeon, order of the phoenix, padfoot, padfoot/moony, penny arcade, peter pan, pr0n, prisoner of azkaban, public speaking, puppyshipping, reading, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rides, roller coasters, romeo and juliet, rosencrantz-and-guildenstern-are-dead, sailor moon, samantha brown, samurai, shakespeare, sirius black, sirius denial, sirius/remus, siriusly, slash, sleeping late, smut, sorcerer's stone, staying up late, steely dan, stephen king, subtext, summer, swords, teddy lupin/james potter, the lion king, the marauder era, the marauder's map, the marauders, the office, the professional, theme parks, together? i think so, traveling, twilight, twilight princess, union square, werewolves, west side story, wikipedia, writing, yaoi, yu yu hakusho
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